Hours of Operation: 6am-6pm Mon-Friday

The Academy

A positive, loving environment focusing on academic and spiritual growth.

Little Light Academy is a self paced school in the heart of downtown Bedford, VA.

Little Light is a Christian facility and welcomes families of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and religious backgrounds.

  • Real learning opportunity

    At LLA we desire to provide a place where parents feel comfortable and safe leaving their children to learn. We strive to create an atmosphere of security and love that we believe provides a better opportunity for learning, developing a sense of independence and responsibility, and character building.


  • Quality Attention

    We believe each child is an individual, a unique and special creation of God, and we recognize that each child has their own personality and their own individual needs. We hope to provide quality attention and care while providing your child the opportunity to learn to relate in a group setting.


  • Spiritual Foundation

    We seek to establish a spiritual foundation with basic Christian values that will hopefully last a lifetime. We do this through foundational Bible stories, crafts, and songs, and by providing boundaries in our everyday behavior (respect, thankfulness, manners, honesty, love, and joy).


  • A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® program

    Each student learns essential academics and explores truths about God and His world without being pressured to keep up with a group.


    Accelerated Christian Education Schools and homeschools around the world use the A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® program in the training of their children. The A.C.E. program consists of Bible-based K–12 curriculum, student programs, and professional training. Although other publishers have marketed academic curriculum, no one has produced a life-changing character package like that of A.C.E. Children’s minds develop best in a God-centered environment of absolutes and love. They emerge with a sweet attitude and with a greater, richer concept of God and how He wants them to live.




  • Unique to each child

    Conventional educational programs take the student through a spiral of material while introducing them to new skills in sequence. Since students are grouped chronologically, they are lock-stepped and receive the same material at the same time. However, students do not necessarily all have the same level of maturity as others of their chronological age, and their natural learning rates are not lock-stepped with other students. The above-average student may master the skill the first time he is exposed to it, the average student may pick up part of it, and the below-average student will often grasp only a minimum amount or fail to understand it entirely. As the spiral continues, some students stay out in front while others are left behind for a season (or for good).


  • Self Paced

    The A.C.E. program is designed around a new format: that of building skill upon skill. The scope and sequence ignores the concept of grade level and moves with continuous progress beginning with the first skill to be mastered. Depending on their ability and motivation levels, students may move ahead rapidly or take as long as necessary, but each student masters the material.


    As the student moves upward, level after level, and moves into new concepts, he is far better prepared to learn because he has mastered the skill on the previous level. He does not advance until he has mastered each concept. He is not lock-stepped with his classmates but is learning individually and completely before advancing. A.C.E. implements a unique and effective system.

  • Why the A.C.E. program works

    Used worldwide and proven to be effective now for over 50 years, it is understandable why A.C.E. is known as THE learning tool for today—and the future!


    The reasons why the A.C.E. program works can be summarized in these seven key foundational concepts:















  • What are the hours for the school day?

    We start each day with chapel at 8 a.m. Please have your child here by 7:50 so that they will be ready to start on time. Little Light is open from 6-6, and we offer before/after school care, as well as full day care when school is not in session. There is no extra charge for this. Our school year is from Labor Day to Memorial Day.


  • Tuition and other Costs

    You will pay a one-time $150 curriculum fee. $120 a week while school is in session. Uniform shirts are $8 each.


  • How do we enroll?

    If you are already enrolled at Little Light, you just have to confirm enrollment at the office.. To pick up an application, or have one emailed to you, contact the office. We will need a birth certificate and updated immunization form.


  • What meals are provided during the day?

    Parents provide snacks and lunch for their child. Parents are encouraged to follow the USDA child meal guidelines.


  • What is your illness policy?

    We exclude for fever over 100.4 and they must be fever free for 24 hours before they return. If they throw up or have diarrhea, they must be symptom free for 24 hours before they return.